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"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see."

Teachers:  Welcome to A Different Place. In this portion of the site you will learn how to use the site, learn about gifted kids, and learn about how to differentiate for all learners. 

During the past decade, research has indicated that challenging teaching and learning is critical for all children.  Although most people agree that students differ in ability, there is growing concern that we are not maximizing potential in our advanced students...Gifted children in Kansas are served though Special Education and identified in state regulations as "Exceptional.

Parents of gifted learners in Kansas have the right to expect that schools will fulfill the promise made that children will have consistent and daily opportunities for challenging learning experiences and will demonstrate continuous forward progress in their learning.

This website, A Different Place, will help schools and especially teachers facilitate learning opportunities for gifted students in the general education classroom. It will provide self-directed, independent and high level activities with integrated technology for high ability students. All Answer Keys can be found HERE.

There are some units/lesson plans that are good for gifted and high ability students that are not self directed lessons for students to complete on computer.  You will need to print these units for children or use them for your class in the computer lab. 

The web also contains thousands of excellent lesson plans that can be used for all students including high ability and gifted students.  Think about using these lessons with your class.  You can find those resources here.

Please e-mail me with your feedback and let me know how you have used this site. You may also suggest activities that you have found to add to A Different Place. Thanks for visiting.

All italicized text is from  "Effective Practices for Gifted Education in Kansas" manual. You will be able to access the document in its entirety at the Kansas State Department of Education (Handbook is out of date and is no longer available online)

Permission granted for use by Bruce Passman, State Director, Kansas State Department of Education 120 S.E. 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66612

Nancy Bosch

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