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The following chart provides examples of activities that elicit sophisticated products.


Most Likely to Yield Sophisticated Products


Less Likely to Elicit
High Level Performance

check green.gif (82 bytes)Create a model check green.gif (82 bytes)Create a radio program check red.gif (82 bytes)Make a diorama
check green.gif (82 bytes)Write an produce a play check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a new law check red.gif (82 bytes)Keep a diary
check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a game check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a new song check red.gif (82 bytes)Make a collage
check green.gif (82 bytes)Create a slide show check green.gif (82 bytes)Write an autobiography check red.gif (82 bytes)Draft and circulate a petition
check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a book check green.gif (82 bytes)Design and construct a new product check red.gif (82 bytes)Conduct an interview
check green.gif (82 bytes)Create a video check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a learning center check red.gif (82 bytes)Make a list
check green.gif (82 bytes)Paint a picture check green.gif (82 bytes)Compile a newspaper check red.gif (82 bytes)Create a word search
check green.gif (82 bytes)Draw a diagram check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a dictionary check red.gif (82 bytes)Invite a speaker
check green.gif (82 bytes)Do a puppet show check green.gif (82 bytes)Plan a journey check red.gif (82 bytes)Create a recipe
check green.gif (82 bytes)Create an advertising check green.gif (82 bytes)Compile a portfolio of sketches check red.gif (82 bytes)Make a puzzle
check green.gif (82 bytes)Give a speech check green.gif (82 bytes)Write an opinion article check red.gif (82 bytes)Make a mobile
check green.gif (82 bytes)Have a panel discussion check green.gif (82 bytes)Submit a story to a magazine check red.gif (82 bytes)Make a collection of...
check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a phot album check green.gif (82 bytes)Write an essay check red.gif (82 bytes)Create a slogan or bumper sticker
check green.gif (82 bytes)Draw a set of blueprints check green.gif (82 bytes)Present a mock trail check red.gif (82 bytes)Make a time line
check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a relief map check green.gif (82 bytes)Develop a display check red.gif (82 bytes)Be a mentor
check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a map check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a simulation gamer check red.gif (82 bytes)Prepare and serve ethnic food
check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a chart check green.gif (82 bytes)Formulate a scientific theory check red.gif (82 bytes)Do a pantomime
check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a mural check green.gif (82 bytes)Make an animated movie check red.gif (82 bytes)Collect and analyze water
check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a letter check green.gif (82 bytes)Create a musical instrument check red.gif (82 bytes)Develop and use a questionnaire
check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a piece of art check green.gif (82 bytes)Hold a press conference  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Take a survey check green.gif (82 bytes)Write and illustrate a story  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Design an experiment check green.gif (82 bytes)Conduct a debate  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a computer program check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a news report  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Design a needlework check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a biography  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Build a planetarium check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a letter to the editor  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Create a dance check green.gif (82 bytes)Make a travel brochure  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Teach a lesson check green.gif (82 bytes)Write a poem  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Give a demonstration check green.gif (82 bytes)Draw a graph  
check green.gif (82 bytes)Create a political cartoon check green.gif (82 bytes)Compile a booklet  

All italicized text and charts are from  "Effective Practices for Gifted Education in Kansas" manual.  You will be able to access the document in its entirety at the Kansas State Department of Education (Handbook is out of date and is no longer available online)

Permission granted for use by Bruce Passman, State Director, Kansas State Department of Education 120 S.E. 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66612

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