Best Sites For Little Guys K-3


Easy Collaborative Projects



Easy Webquests

An Insect’s Perspective

In Search of Stellaluna’s Family

Designing Hermit’s New Home

Charlotte's Web

Primary Story Starters
Journal Prompts


 Interactive Online Stories
Interactive Online Stories can be fun for young learners but they can also be frustrating.  You might start by doing some of the stories as a group (hooking one computer up to a TV monitor or using a computer projector.) Then allow students to work individually with the stories online in a lab setting.  Be sure the students know the mechanics of navigating through the story.   If you go through the story page by page ahead of time the pages will be "cached" on your hard drive and will load much faster.  Be sure all your computers have the appropriate plugins for the interactive online stories to work correctly.

What Did Toby See?
Storyline Online (audio)
Berenstein Bears Go Fly a Kite
Clifford Interactive Storybooks
Primary Books
101 Dalmatians
Beantime Stories
Children's Storybooks Online
PreSchool Library
Stories From Rainbows Edge

Visit the sites of favorite children's books and authors
Dr. Seuss's Seussville
Arthur: The World's Most Famous Aadvark
The Official Berenstain Bear's Website
Eric Carle
Beverly Cleary
Captain Underpants

Magic Tree House Click on Teacher Tree House for Activity Guides

         Dinosaurs Before Dark

         Magic Tree House Activities


Reinforcing Skills  
'Drill-and-practice is a tool that ought to be showing up in homework, rather than using classroom time, when you have a teacher who can get involved more in thinking skills and the application of skills,'

'Drill-and-practice teaches certain things to certain kids, but getting them to think is not one of them.'  Carol A. Shilinsky principal, Accelerated Learning Laboratory School

Dress Caillou

Out on a Limb A Guide to Getting Along

A + Math Flashcards
Learning Planet
Room 108
Rain Forest Math
Internet Educational Workbook (you need to register and login)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Change Maker
What Time Will It Be?
The Number Monster


Logic Mazes
Boiler Room
Visual Puzzles

Reading and Language Arts
Grammar Gorillas
Wacky Web Tales   Grade 3+
Web Tales
Bembo’s Zoo
Building Prefixes
Prefix Catch
Match the Contraction
Alphabet Action

Animals of the World
Nature Puzzles and Fun
Animals Games from the Animal Planet

Social Studies
States by Shapes

Fun for the Brain  
Lite Brite online
Etch a Sketch
Elementary Magnetic Poetry
Orisinal Games
Learning Planet Online Games
Tile Machine


Up To Ten



Teacher Tools
Create a Flipbook

Typing Tutor
Dance Mat Typing