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yellowcubes.gif (1973 bytes) Federal law, IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act),  mandates the meeting of academic needs of all students in the classroom.  This site offers high level differentiated content curriculum for high-ability and gifted students in the classroom. All of these activities are technology integrated.
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Philosophers Club
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Eager By: Helen Fox

Titanic in the Classroom

Why do you think the sinking of the Titanic is one of the most memorable events in modern history?

Find out when you explore the Titanic Website.

Greek Mythology Virtual Fieldtrip

What meanings did myths about gods, goddesses, and heroes have for the ancient Greeks? What meanings do the Greek myths have for us today? Travel through this virtual fieldtrip to find out.

Chasing Vermeer Activities

If you have read the book you will find a bunch of fun activities here.  You can also find links to all kinds of mysteries!

The Wright 3 Activities

Blue Balliett wrote a sequel to Chasing Vermeer called The Wright 3.  You will be working on all kinds of activities related to the book and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

We've finished our first wiki on Frank Lloyd Wright and The Wright 3.  Check it out!





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Some times your class is doing an activity that is too easy for you.  You are in the right place to find something that is just your size!

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Are you frustrated trying to meet the academic needs of high-ability and gifted students in the classroom.  This may be the place for you.

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Are you looking for exceptional activities for your high-ability or gifted student?  Try A Different Place.

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Do you wonder where to find the best online activities, lesson plans and resources for gifted students (K-12)? 

Students at the Broken Arrow Enhanced Learning Center has a blog.  Check out student writing at A Really Different Place A good place to start is Recent Posts.  You may get a username if you would like to join the blog.

Mrs. Bosch also has TWO blogs.   A Not So Different Place is a blog for teachers only. A Very Old Place is a blog that suggests ways to use primary source documents in the classroom.

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Interested in doing a creative activity based on Elements of a Culture and Themes of Geography?   Check out Virtual Worlds 

Exploring Leonardo da Vinci

These activities can be done alone or in project teams.  Plan to complete a multimedia project after you complete your research.

See photos of the Leonardo da Vinci Night performances.

If you or your students would like to learn more about yourselves, take a look at So, You're Gifted...A Web Quest of Self-Discovery.  This website was designed by Jeryl Phillips who is a Special Consultant for Peel Board -near Toronto  (they have over 150,000 students and 15,000 Special Ed kids, including Gifted), Jeryl has given me permission to update the webquest and post it here.

If you like mysteries of all kinds, you will love these activities.  You will be working on literature and science activities throughout this Mystery Unit.

bug wagon3.jpg (2135 bytes)You might want to check out the online poetry activities  What Rhymes with Squirrel?


Booklist for Very Young Precocious Readers

WWW A Different Place

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