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Fifth Grade
There are times during the day when students might benefit from enhancing or reinforcing curriculum skills independently.  Students may use these sites in lieu of classroom work already mastered. Sites include resources, tools, practice games and research links.

*indicates district objective

ALERT! These links will take you to sites outside the Nieman EL site. Nieman Enhanced Learning Center and the Shawnee Mission School District are not responsible for material linked to outside websites.   Students need to understand that conflicting information may be found on the Internet.  Teachers should visit all sites to make sure that they are appropriate for grade level learners in content and readability.

TEACHERS: If you find sites that you would like added to or removed from these lists just email

Reading and Language Arts Vocabulary


Online Magazines

Online Books, Stories and Poems

Science and Health

Social Studies

Math "Games"

Author's Sites

Science Extras Museums Fun Sites

Reading and Language Arts
*Expand Vocabulary

Level 1 Vocabulary
Read the instructions carefully and fill in the correct words.  There are several different activities you can do.  Print and turn into your teacher after you finish an activity.

Wizard Words
Holiday Traditions
School Vocabulary Calendar

Language Arts Activities   After you choose the activity you want to do you will be asked to register.   Click on the button that says "Maybe Later". Choose an activity that is at you grade level or higher. Try Punctuation Paintball, Rocket Word Tag, Supernova Sentence Structures, and Alien Word Mine.

Grammar Gorillas
Paint by Idioms
The Plural Girls
Word Confusion
Rooting Out Words

Online Magazines
*Read fluently at grade level
*Read self-selected materials
*Apply reading strategies

National Geographic Explorer
Time Magazine for Kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Consumer Reports 4 Kids
Scholastic News
Science News for Kids

Online Books, Stories and Poems
Winged Sandals
Myth Web
The Adventures of Banph
Bunyips: Aboriginal Stories from Australia 
Fletcher Hill Stories
Giggle Poetry
Brothers Grimm
Kid's Mysteries
Peetnik Mysteries
Famous People Read Stories

Author's Sites
Judy Blume's Home Base
Brian Jacques Official Site
Harry Potter Homepage
Roald Dahl
Lemony Snicket 

*Apply the writing process
*Use different modes of writing for different purposes
*Use characteristics of all six traits writing

Paragraph Punch   Use this interactive application to practice writing a good paragraph.
Essay Punch Use this interactive application to practice writing a good essay. 
Creative Writing for Kids
Creative Writing Prompts
Guide to Grammar and Writing 
Writing the Journey
Stationary for Your Writing

*Use and interpret graphs, charts and tables

Tables and Graphs
Create A Graph
Using Data and Statistics
Data Picking

Science and Health

*Design and conduct a controlled experiment to test a hypothesis

Science Fair Central

All Science Fair Projects

*Recognize that minerals are made up of crystals

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom
Minerals, Crystals and Gems
Mineral Matters
Rocks for Kids

*Investigate friction and its effect on the motion of objects

Friction Facts
Fact Monster
Fear of Physics

*Evaluate which simple machine is most appropriate to accomplish a task

Simple Machines
Inventor's Toolbox
What is a Simple Machine?
Pictures of over 70 simple machines

*Investigate electrical circuits

The Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits
Edison's Miracle of Light
Learn About Electricity
Understanding Electricity

*Identify properties of matter

The Particle Adventure

*Describe the motion of objects

Newton's Laws of Motion
Succeed in Physical Science
Design a Roller Coaster

*Understand ways that heat energy can be transferred

Thermodynamics for kids
Heat Transfer

*Understand the structures and functions of cells

Cells Alive!
The Virtual Cell Tour
The Gene Scene

*Describe the interactions of the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems

My Body
Human Body and Mind
A Look Inside the Human Body
Virtual Body
Inner Body
Atlas of the Human Body

*Design a nutrition plan

Dole 5 A Day (you need Macromedia Flash to view this site)
Nutrition Explorations
Kids and Nutrition

*Describe the body's immune system and the effect of HIV/AIDS

How Your Immune System Works
The Immune System

Science Extras
Science Mysteries
The NASA Science Files
NASA Space Place
Cloud Clues
National Geographic for Kids
Try Science
Sim Science

Particle Adventure
Acme Virtual Detective Agency
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Sports Science
The Atoms Family

Social Studies
* Use the terminology and give examples of the social sciences: geography, economics, sociology, anthropology, history, psychology, political science, and technology

*Create timelines, which present major historical events in the history of the United States from 1400 to present, in chronological order.

Timeline Maker
How to Make a Timeline
American History Timeline
American History Timeline II
US History Timeline

*Participate in the study of American history

Librarian's Guide to the Internet
Civil War
Revolutionary War

*Understand the 5 themes of Geography: location, place, human-environmental interaction, movement and regions

5 Themes of Geography

World Atlas "The List"
GeoBee Challenge

*Identify and research the noble and brave qualities of an American hero

My Hero Project
Famous Kansans
American Heroes list
Real African American Heroes Search
Time 100

*Explain the purpose and structure of government

Ben's Guide to US Government
First Gov for Kids
US Treasury for Kids
White House for Kids


*Apply a variety of problem solving strategies; make a table, work backwards, extend a pattern, guess and check, draw a picture or diagram
Grade 5 Problems
Aunty Math's Challenges

*Show the process of addition and subtraction of fractions with like and unlike denominators

Fractions from AAA Math

*Divide using divisors of two digits

Dividing four digits by two digits
Math Baseball

*Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators

Fraction Workshop
Fractions from AAA Math

*Write equivalent fractions

Fresh Baked Fractions
Fraction Frenzy
Virtual Manipulatives
Equivalent Fractions

*Add, subtract and multiply decimals

Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Multiplying thousandths by tenths (explanation and practice)
Multiplying thousandths by hundredths (explanation and practice)

*Recognize the attributes of polygons

Shape Sorter Tool
Investigating the Concept of Triangle and Properties of Polygons: Creating Polygons
Geometry of the Ancients
Perimeter and Areas of Polygons

*Distinguish between right, acute, and obtuse angles

Interior Angles
dentifying types of Triangles by Angles

*Know and apply basic measurements and their equivalencies for length, mass, and capacity in standard and metric measurement systems

Fact Monster
Measurement Quizzes
Measurement Games

*Apply data-analysis and graphing to problem solving situations

Looking for Top Quark
Lunar Adventure

Create a Graph

Pattern Blocks


Online Paint by Number
Japanese Crosswords
Paint by Number

Math "Games”
Cool Math
Simon Says
Metropolis: Game of Percent, Decimals and Fractions
Interactive Games
Magnetic Numbers  
Da Numba


American Museum of Natural History 
The Field Museum
Boston Museum of Science


Fun Sites

How Stuff Works

Digital Films
City Creator
Brain Pop videos

Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Art Attacks

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