Spider Poetry Worksheet (Wolf Spider)

Instructions: After reading the poem on the internet site go to each spider website to find the answers to the questions. Write your answers on the worksheet, you do not need to answer in complete sentences. Turn the worksheet in to your teacher.
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After reading the poem  "Wolf Spider" by Mark Welter.  List five things you think are true about Wolf Spiders from reading the poem. DO NOT use your spider resources to check to see if you are right!

Site #1: Recognizing Wolf Spiders

1.  Spiders are arachnids, not bugs.  After visiting the site "Recognizing Wolf Spiders" name at least two other species that are arachnids. _________________________________________________________________________________

2.  What do Wolf Spiders use their silk for? ________________________________________________________________

3.  What are Wolf Spiders eyes like?  Do Wolf Spiders see well? ________________________________________________________________

4.  Why is nighttime a good time to search for Wolf Spiders? ________________________________________________________________

Site #2: Male or Female? http://www.accessexcellence.org/LC/SS/wolf_spider/spider_section3.html  

1.  Scroll down to the middle of the page on Sexing the Wolf Spider.  Find the section on the female Wolf Spider.  List 5 characteristic of the female Wolf Spider and her young.


2.  How many of the things in Mark Welter poem were true about the Wolf Spider and her young? List them.


Site #3:
A Wolf in the Shadows (link broken 8/7/03)

1.  How many species of Wolf Spiders are there in the United States? _________________________

2.  (Scroll down past picture) What makes Wolf Spiders different from other spiders? __________________________________________________________________________________

3.  How large can the largest Wolf Spider in the United States grow? ____________________

4.  People in a small town in Italy once thought a species of Wolf Spider was deadly.  The did something pretty silly to protect themselves from this spider, what was it? __________________________________________________________________________________________________