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What the heck is all the fuss about?

Want some easy technology ideas that kids will love and will, at the same time, encourage writing and develop skills? Try blogs and wikis.

Email if you need help setting up your blog or wiki at or



There are several student outcomes targeted by use of blogs. Students will learn to be safe and responsible social networkers. They will understand intellectual property and copyright issues. Students will have the opportunity to write real and relevant content which is viewed by an authentic audience. The content may be original thoughts or stories, comments in response to peers or response to reflection questions posted by teachers as blog entries or threaded discussions. RSS News feed articles may also be used for inspiration!


Nancy's Blogs

A Very Different Place
A Not So Different Place
A Very Old Place

Nancy's Parent Letter #1 Blogging terms and permission; DOC-modify to meet your needs

Student Email Accounts-students need email addresses to get blog accounts and wiki accounts.
Nancy's Parent Letter #2 explanation to parents about and student email accounts

District Recommendation for student email

11 Steps to Online Parental Supervision of your Children

Benefits for Kids

Where to Blog:
Blogger (free) You will need to add each student as an author; they will receive an email telling them how to sign up.  Each students need a Google account to use Blogger

Edublogs and Learnerblogs (free)
Edublogs Tutorials


Blue Host ($6.95 a month)
Site Ground ($5.95 a month)

RSS for Kids

These are the feeds we use on our blog and students have the opportunity to respond to articles about science, current events, literature and more.

CBBC Newsround
Discovery Channel Headlines
Nova Science Now
Patent Pending
PBS News Hour
Science Buzz
Surfing the Net with Kids
Why Files
Wands and Wizards
Word of the Day

For Teachers:
Blog Connections
Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom
Instructional Uses of Blogs

By Teachers and Kids:
Cool Cat Teacher

Tell the Raven
Students in the Write

Room 613 Student Blogs
Trout Blog
Duck Diaries
Speaking of History
Blog Write

Mrs. Kreul’s Class Blog
Mr. Shaw’s Math Blog
Parent Child Book Club Blog
Silverwings Book Discussion Blog
Art Blog

Whole School Blog

Wikis A wiki is a type of website that uses "open editing" collaborative software technology to provide an easy way for multiple participants to enter, submit, manage, and update a single web workspace. Users make changes by selecting from options and filling in forms on a web page. Authorized users can add and delete links, pages, and content. In some cases, a moderator approves changes before they are posted. Some wikis also provide a way to track changes and view earlier versions of pages. A well-known wiki is WIKIPEDIA - the free encyclopedia

Nancy's Wikis
The Wright 3 and Frank Lloyd Wright Wiki
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki
Weathering Wiki

For Teachers: 
For Teachers New to Wikis

Teaching with Wikis

Where to Wiki:
PB Wikis

Examples of Wikis:
Redwall Wiki
Lemony Snicket
Let’s Write a Biography Together! (also uses Flickr and Bubblr)
Choosing Your Own Wiki Adventure






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E-mail Nancy Bosch, web editor
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