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These sites offer outstanding lessons, online activities and resources for gifted students K-12.

from A Different Place
puzzle1.gif (267 bytes) Math
redstar.gif (505 bytes)llluminations, (Principles and Standards for School Mathematics) PBS MathlineMathematics Lessons That Are Fun, Fun, Fun, Suzanne's Math Lessons 2008, Tom Scavo's Math Lessons, Math Goodies,     redstar.gif (505 bytes)Project InteractiveStudent Math Notes, WebMath, ChickScope, Investigating Patterns, I've Seen That Shape Before, Math in Daily Life, Highline, redstar.gif (505 bytes)The Geometry of Bicycle Design, Use Symmetry to Create Corporate Logos, redstar.gif (505 bytes)A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words, Explore the Smithsonian, Growing, Growing, Graphing!, Women in Math, The Cathedral Project, Probability in Sports, Having Fun with Baseball Statistics Adventure in Statistics
Potterya1.gif (400 bytes) Social Studies
Running Through Time, Carmen San Diego's Great Chase Through Time (need software), The Dewey Decimal SystemExploring Ancient World Cultures, Exquisite Corpse, Immigration Experience in America, Pharaoh Phonetics, Ship of Gold, The Three Gorges, Fire in the Sky, Pass it Down, History Through Headlines, Mesopotamia, Medicine Through Time, Walk Through Time, ExploreDC
The Idea Book from History Channel and A&E
books06.gif (1535 bytes) Language Arts
New Takes on an Old Tale, Learn About Voice Through Photography, Writing With Writers, CRAYONThe History of Books, EssayPunch,
globi.gif (1137 bytes) Geography
Crack the Code, The Arctic and Antarctic Circles, Spice World, Fixitup Faucet Company's Overseas Move, National Geographic Online, A to Z Geography, Geography World, Working With Maps, Map Machine
calc.gif (1044 bytes)Problem Solving
Figure This, Brain Teasers, Tired of the Same Old Problems?, Math Challenges, Locker Problem, QuantumBrainBenders, Web Puzzler, Go Figure,
newspaper_bw.gif (236 bytes)Current Events
New York Times Learning Network, Stock Market Online Game, Who Dunnit?, NewsHub,
usa0b.gif (262 bytes) Government/Economics
PBS Kid's Democracy Project, Show Me the Money
tools1b.gif (324 bytes) Online Tools
Create a Graph, Noodletools, BackFlip, TerraServer, Eboard, redstar.gif (505 bytes)NoteStar, IKeepBookmarks, Project Based Learning, Rubistar, redstar.gif (505 bytes) Project Poster,        Interactive Periodic Table, A Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements
pencil1b.gif (357 bytes)English (8-12)
A Jury of Her Peers, Martha Ballard's Diary
 atom.gif (272 bytes)Science
Lessons redstar.gif (505 bytes)Access Excellence, Internet Learning Network, Fabulous Funnels, How Big? How Small?, Virtual Polyhedra, One Sky, Many Voices, The Atoms Family, Infection, Protection, Detection, The Globe, Periodic Table Adventure, What Forces Effect Our Weather?, SimCity 2000, Imagers, Stephen Hawking's Universe, Water Science for Schools, HealthTeacher.com, Paleontology

Resources MicrobeZooThen and Now, Imagine the Universe, Treasures@Sea, Journey Through Time, Amazing Space, Building Big, Wonders of Spaceredstar.gif (505 bytes)How Stuff Works for Kids, Explorescience, The Particle Adventure, The Biology Project, NyeLabs, The Virtual Microscope, Making Waves, Ocean Planet, Exploratorium, NASA, Cartoon Law's of Physics, Genetics Science Learning Center, Chem4Kids, StarChild, UMPC Exhibit Halls, Cracking the Code of Life, Sue at the Field Museum, Volcano World, Cyber-Fair, Just For Kids, Cells Alive, Nine Planets, KidsEclipse, Science NetLinks

news0b.gif (305 bytes) Primary Resources
Resources redstar.gif (505 bytes)Library of Congress Learning Page, Using Primary Resources in the Classroom, Teaching Primary Resources, Activities Using Primary Resources, Primary Resource Lesson Plans, Lesson Framework,   Teaching with Historic Places, CIA World FactBook, Census 2000, Sporting News, Document Analysis Worksheets,

Lessons What Do You See?, Port of Entry, Learn About Voice Through Photography, Science and Innovation Treasure Hunt, Musical Plates, The Stowaway Adventure, Historical Treasure Hunts, Voyage of the St. Louis, , Civil War Women, Digging Up Artifacts Online, Digging Up The Lowell Mill Girls: Life in the Factory, The Matthew Brady Bunch: Civil War Newspapers, Turn of the Century Child, Visions in the Dust, Become a Historical Detective, You Be the Historian, History First Hand, Just the Artifacts

chess2d.gif (374 bytes) Games
Funbrain.com, Fake Out!, Thunk.com, Escape from Knab, Go Figure, ChessKids
blackboard.gif (1026 bytes) Lesson Plans/Resources
Sparknotes, Math.com, Teach-nologyLessonplanz, Master Teacher Lesson Plans, Techlearning, Children's Literature Web Guide, Dreamscapes, redstar.gif (505 bytes)National Teacher's Training Institute, redstar.gif (505 bytes)CoreKnowledge, LearningPlanet, Lesson Plans for Children's Books, redstar.gif (505 bytes)CIESE Online Classroom Project, WNet School

Book Publishing Materials-Linton Publishing

Free Online Wesite Makers
Big Chalk.com, Myschoolonline, , MyClass.net, WebTeacher.org,
redstar.gif (505 bytes)Web Worksheet Wizard
computer.gif (281 bytes) Technology
Lesson of Self-Discovery and Peer Introduction, WebMonkey for Kids, Building Bridges, Built to Last, Recycled Racers, Our Favorite Toys, Up, Up and Away!, Women Are Popping Up in Technology, Carbon to Computers, HandsOn Technology Program, Lissa Explains It All
schoolbell.gif (1006 bytes)Multidisciplinary
PBS Teacher Source, redstar.gif (505 bytes)Annenberg/CPBredstar.gif (505 bytes)National Geographics Xpeditions,
redstar.gif (505 bytes)CIESE, redstar.gif (505 bytes)Academy for Teaching and Learning,   NPR.org, Fun Things to do at Home, Miksike Learning Environment, Scholastic Online Activities, Practical Uses of Math and Science, A Walk Through Time, BBC Online, The Why Files, BrainPop,redstar.gif (505 bytes)Discovery School, National Geographic Education, Enchanted Learning
pallet1b.gif (402 bytes) Fine Arts
ArtsEdNet, Global Show and Tell, redstar.gif (505 bytes)Symmetry and Pattern:The Art of Oriental Carpets, KidsMuse, Eyes On Art, Art Safari, The Impressionists, Metropolitan Museum of Art
movie002.gif (1160 bytes) Humanities
Edsitement, Great Computer Cheesburger Play
mag10.gif (237 bytes)SearchEngines/Directories
Eduhound, Searchopolis, Google, Berit's Best Sites for Kids, Skewl Sites, Brittanica, Education World, Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, Blue Web'n
bookblack.gif (287 bytes)Database Search Engines

Beaucoup!, Diggit, Ditto, IncyWincy, CompletePlanet

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